Co-op Data Privacy

This data is kept by iNet Interpreting Ltd for business compliance reasons. This specific information is requested for the following reasons: 

  • to ensure your professional registration details, insurance, and vetting and security clearances are up to date. 
  • to ensure safe lone working practices
  • to hold next of kin details
We don’t share this information with anyone else and only the Compliance Administrator has access to these records.

The information must be kept up to date whilst you are a member of the cooperative. If you wish to leave the cooperative this information will be deleted within 5 working days of your written request. 

The information is stored on Podio. Podio’s Data Security can be found below: 

HTTPS Encryption on all data between the Podio service and the client web browser. Login without encryption is non-optional. Podio servers are firewalled and only those services which are required to be running are listening. Connections between servers are encrypted with military grade encryption.

Podio employees do not access customer uploaded data in Podio without prior customer consent.

No super-user account exists in the organization. All accounts are private to each individual user

Read our privacy policy here:

All data is backed up nightly and copied to another off-site location