New Course on Interpreting in Police Settings Launched

iNet is very pleased to announce that we hosted a new course working in partnership with SLI based on the findings and recommendations of the EU-funded Justisigns project which is tasked with developing European standards for the training of police interpreters. From 2013 to 2015, SLI’s Peter Llewellyn-Jones led the European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters’ (efsli’s) contribution to the design of the Justisigns training and he was able to share some of his knowledge and experience with a group of qualified BSL interpreters.

The course on Interpreting in Police Settings was held on January 16th and 17th, between 10.00am and 4.00pm, and used blended learning to include input from experienced interpreters, Police Link Officers for the Deaf (PLODs), a duty solicitor and some practical exercises with Police officers in their training rooms and Video Recorded Interview suites

Day 1 of the course was held at the LDAG offices at 12 Frog Island and covered the European perspectives (EULITA’s Qualitas Project) , performative speech acts, perspectives from a duty solicitor, fiduciary duty, harm and confidentiality, rank structures within the police, different types of interview.

Day 2 of the course was held at Leicestershire Police HQ at Enderby and covered Psycholinguistics, Role Space and alignment, an explanation of PLOD, police procedures, roles and case studies, custody booking in procedures, video recorded interviews and suspect interviews.

Thanks to our marvellous course attendees, Jason Bell from iNet, Laurette Grace from ZMS Solicitors, Emma Gilbert and Richard Carruthers, our fantastic resident PLODs, our wonderful Deaf ‘suspects’, Jackie Perkins and Vicky Mackeprang, and Peter Llewellyn-Jones for leading the training.



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